Joana, our Virtual Youtuber will Be Back Soon!

Hello JPals, brace yourself, Joana, our Virtual Youtuber will be back soon! Who is Joana? She is the mascot of JP Soundworks, who turns into a virtual youtuber. Her first debut is on October 11th, 2022. After several months of hiatus, because the voice talent of Joana is doing an internship in another city, now she is preparing to do the re-debut.

To bring back your memories about Joana in the past year, you can check her first debut video here:

keep in touch with us to know more information about when she will has her comeback or re-debut, and her streaming schedules. Support us by subscribing to JP Soundworks yotuube channel, or if you want to support the voice talent, you can donate to her via Trakteer and Saweria.

Stay tune.

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