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Here are our portfolio, some of them are games with JP Soundworks' music or sound design


JP Soundworks is a music & sound development studio for game, animations and comics. JP Soundworks will compose tuneful music exclusively for your games, animations or comics for less than a week. Our music and sound are designed specifically as your request to bring immersible experience when play games, watch animations or read the comics all packaged with affordable price. Our rate is starts from USD 80 per minutes for a music composition.

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Music Composition

Compose beautiful music exclusively for your games, animations or comics. Designed specifically as your request to bring immersible experience when play games, watch animations or read the comics.

Sound Effects

Design and Generate sound effects for your game and animations. The sound effects can be the indicator sound, short jingle or iconic sound. The sound effects also will be matched well with the musics.

Voice Acting or Song Performer

We are cooperating with talented song performers and experienced dubbers to fill the dialogues, phrases or battle shouts. They will use their voice to enhance the power of your games, animations and comics.


Reiz Shireishi

"Working closely with Mr. Jasson, apart from being talented, he quickly grasped the ideas in my head and always enthusiastic to explore and giving the best. Bonus, as both of us are gamers, it makes the creative process fun and even easier, he's a geek i tell you..LOL."

Nikko Soetjoadi Niji Games

"Have been working with JP Soundworks for multiple projects now and all of the results are amazing. They are easy to communicate and work with, very recommended."

Duray Phillips Extralife Entertainment

"I couldn't be happier with the bgm commission I received! JP Soundworks understands what we meant, the music really complemented the mood and tone we were aiming for. I highly recommend them for their talent and expertise."

Aki Lönnroth Labyrinthine

"Working with Jasson Prestiliano has been a great pleasure. He is an immensely talented musician with the ability to conjure any kind of music for your project. Highest recommendations!"

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Featured Channels

JP Soundworks – Game, animation & comic original soundtracks composed by JP Soundworks,  also video game chill remixes

Refala Kids – Indonesian & English children song, nursery rhymes, traditional songs, original children’s songs


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