Great! Let’s Visit Satya Wacana Christian University’s 44th Job Fair with Joana

Heya JPals, Joana from JP Soundworks become a part of Satya Wacana Christian University’s 44th Job Fair. The Job Fair that held on October 5th until 6th, 2023 has the “Retro Game” theme, and Joana is selected as the icon for this event. About 5 life-sized pixel art of Joana enliven this job seeking event.

This 44th Job Fair has about 30 companies and has more than 200 vacancies offered. Hundreds of job seekers from Satya Wacana Christian University and other colleges are struggling to fulfil the vacancies. They are called the job fighters.

JP Soundworks itself has a booth that can show their digital game like Joana Adventure 2 or Joana’s Projects: Lost In Harmonia and many more. Those games also can be downloaded in the freebies section of this website. Beside JP Soundworks, The Board Game Community from Salatiga also take a part to enhance the excitement of this event.

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