JP Soundworks sponsored SD Lab’s Fair Salatiga 2023

JP Soundworks become one of the sponsors of SD Lab’s fair Salatiga that held in “SD Kristen Satya Wacana” on 16th until 18th November 2023. JP Soundworks contributed various song arrangements which were used to enliven events such as karaoke competitions and also as background sound for events. The artist team from JP Soundworks also contributed their best designs to become the main poster and banner for the 2023 Lab’s Fair event.

This event has many event sections such as competitions for kindergarten and elementary school children, then there is also a bazaar which brings out many tenants including food, drinks, merchandise and even fashion.

Apart from that, there are also many educational events such as discussions with STS (Sobat Tuli Salatiga) or an association that facilitates sign language learning for deaf people or those who want to communicate with them. There is also FPRB (Disaster Risk Reduction Forum) where children are taught how to respond to disaster conditions, so that they do not easily panic and become confused when a disaster strikes, as well as RASA (Read Aloud Salatiga) which focuses on understanding literacy and storytelling.

There are also many faculties from Satya Wacana Christian University who support this event, such as the Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Communication Sciences and so on.

Don’t forget, this event was enlivened by performances from DJ Cirra, Wolfganx Orchestra, and many more. Come on, enliven this event, it’s guaranteed to be exciting and enjoyable.

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