Developer : Berangin Creative

Wishlist Now on: Steam

JP Soundworks composer, Jasson Prestiliano composed several in-game music and several sound effects in this game.

There’s a mystery hidden behind the peaceful village, unknown to the inhabitants who continue on with their daily lives. Experience the thrilling adventure of a girl named Kejora and her two friends as they strive to solve the mystery.

Key Features:

Breathtaking hand-drawn visuals
Immerse in a captivating journey filled with stunning landscapes, intricate details, and a mesmerizing art style that will leave awe-inspired at every second.

Traditional frame-by-frame animation
The time-consuming traditional style brings the art to life by a small indie team.

Singleplayer mode with two supporting characters
Kejora has two supporting characters with their own unique abilities to help Kejora solve various obstacles and puzzles.

Explorations and puzzles
Help Kejora and her friends to solve the puzzles, make traps, sneak through enemies, and discover items in every detail in every area.

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