Project Angels

Developer: Project Angels Dev, Niji Games

Buy and Download The Game on: Steam

JP Soundworks composers, Jasson Prestiliano and Febrian Prayoga composed all in-game music in this game.

In the 2050s, the surge in maritime piracy activities is ruining the world economy. As the guardians of multiple strategic shipping lanes, the Steel Waters security company and the ANGELS bio-enhanced soldiers must deal with this chaos.

Follow the anti-piracy operations in the region of Red Tide Waters through the eyes of Steel Waters Commander-in-Chief and uncover the truth behind the elusive congregation of Apollyon—the apex of all pirates. Though beware, the aforementioned non-state actor may not be the only threat.

Meet the ANGELS:
1. Codename: First Lieutenant Anna Konstantinovna
Though a very strict and disciplined Angel Marine, she always cares about the Commander’s well-being.

2. Codename: Captain Vuur Rattlesnake
A caring, mature, and dependable Angel officer, and oh… she also likes cute things.

3. Codename: Staff Sargeant Vendetta
A playful and cheerful Angel Homeguard, you can find her always playing video games in her free time.

4. Codename: Zero
Tread carefully if you wish to know more about this lady.

– Visual novel with 3D cinematics
– 2D and 3D artwork made with passion
– 5 after-story routes (including 4 special character routes)
– A unique costume for each Angel main character available only in their special character route.

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