Kohana – Visual Novel

Developer: Mushroomallow

Download for free on: Google Playstore or Itch.io

JP Soundworks composer, Jasson Prestiliano composed several in-game music in this game.

Kohana, a Japanese confection store in a world where humans and youkai coexist together. Ren, the young confection maker and the owner of the store, has been continuously attacked by a fox-shaped shadow. He knows the perpetrator, yet did nothing to stop them. Once the store guardian, Komainu, has enough and swears that he will eliminate the attacker, Ren has to do whatever it takes to stop the bloodshed between the two people he holds dear, even if it costs him his own life.

Witness the relationship between two childhood friends and unravel the tragedy that pushed them apart.

Kohana is a short visual novel made in one month by Mushroomallow Studio for Spooktober VN Jam 2021 event. There are 2 different endings that you can find in this visual novel. 

CONTENT WARNING: Light descriptions of violence, including death, grief, and blood. Please be cautious if you’re sensitive to these things.

  • Format: Visual Novel 
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Tragedy 
  • Length: 9000+ words
  • Language: English. Portuguese BR
  • Platform: PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Android

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