Refala Kids Edugame, A fun PC game for Kids

JP Soundworks proudly present a fun PC game for kids, Refala Kids Edugame. You can download and play this game for free via this page, or directly come to this link.

Refala Kids Edugame is an education game for toddler and kids in arranging the alphabet, numbers or words. This game is suitable for 4-6 years old children, who start to learn and understand about letters, numbers, and simple words that they can found in the daily life.

The player will be accompanied by Renavia and Avandrey (the characters from Refala Kids) to arrange letters, numbers or words and battle with time.  The control of this game is so simple, the player only need to point and click the right answer and drag it to the right place.

This game is provided in Bahasa Indonesia. We are so happy if you can give us some feedback about this game to let us make more games.

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